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the Tossed way

Tossed is on a mission to make healthy eating yummy! No, we aren’t talking about rabbit food, and we would never tell you to eat up your greens (even though your mother was right). At Tossed, healthier eating is at the core of everything we do.


Our Arabica coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified, Fairtrade and Organic. Coffee is not only high in antioxidants, the smell is known to reduce stress and a cup before a workout increases your athletic performance. Fact.

free range

We only use welfare friendly free range eggs from British farms in all our recipes.

Baked, scrambled or hard-boiled.

refreshingly local

In the summer months we are proud to say our leaves travel less than 50 miles and go from field to bowl in less than 48 hours.


Beat the queues when you order for collection through our online ordering and app!