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healthy made fresh tastes better

Eating healthy means something different to each of us. Whatever you need, we believe you should be able to get what you want, when you want. Made fresh, to order.

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Tossed Mighty Mexican salad
Tossed Mighty Mexican salad

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Because it's getting a wee bit chilly out there (and not just because we love Donna Summer) we decided to warm up your hearts and bellies with our hot new menu!

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food to make you feel good

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Tossed healthy food
Tossed healthy food

Our view is that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring

It’s about following a balanced diet that includes lots of fresh vegetables, high protein, low GI carbs and the occasional choccie as a reward!

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food to make you feel good

More than just a salad bar! Our mantra is simple: healthy, customisable, made to order.  If you’re after a quick lunch or a healthy wrap we’ve got you covered.

We’re closed (but not for long)! 

Again?! We know, it’s frustrating but we want you to be safe and healthy. Closing the stores is the best way to do so!

In the meantime, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch. If you’re bored in the house (and you’re in the house bored), feel free to send us some love via email and social, we’ll try and get back to you quickly.

Support the NHS and take care of your loved ones by staying home.

Love, tossed xx