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Guess who’s back, back again

We know, we already told you so in July before the pandemic pushed us to shut down for a bit. It’s a bit cliche but “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, right? So we’re back and healthy, for real this time and we’ve reopened 8 of our stores in Central London! Some things may... Read more »

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Feed our Frontline

During the coronavirus crisis, food has become a major challenge for the NHS, so the hospitality industry has come together to help hospitals feed frontline staff.  If you would like to support our campaign please visit feedourfrontline.org Tossed are currently sending about 3000 healthy meals a week to our wonderful front line workers and we... Read more »

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meet dave

Dave’s our office dog. Officially he belongs to our founder Vincent, but we all like to think he’s one of us. Dave can be found snuffling round the office looking for stray scraps of food (carrot is his favourite) , reviewing invoices in finance corner or just generally being a scamp.

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Prancing & prizes at pineapple

For our quarterly review in January we took our managers and support office to spend the afternoon at Pineapple dance studios for an afternoon of rewards and a dance lesson.  Some of us took to it like a swan on a  lake, others like a duck on a frozen pond!

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Team Tossed power on at ping pong

We might not be the best at ping pong but we try our best!  To help raise funds for our partner charity, Team Tossed once again competed in the corporate table tennis championship at the Greenhouse sports centre.  After round two we are sitting comfortably slap bang in the middle of the rankings

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