speedy greens

speedy greens by tossed brings healthy delicious food to a location near you. Stocked fresh daily from a local store with a wide range of salads, wraps, gym food, snacks and drinks, speedy greens provides you with tossed food 24-7.

where in the world?

speedy greens by tossed is ideally suited to offices, residential buildings, construction sites, universities, and transport hubs, and can even be adapted to live outdoors…

Our dual-format approach means our clients are matched with the perfect great-looking machine for them, be it a smart fridge for private usage, or automated retail for public spaces.

stocked fresh daily

speedy greens is packed with a wide range of your favourite tossed salads, wraps, gym food, snacks and drinks; all stocked daily from a local tossed store.

speedy greens’ menu is flexed seasonally, with vegan and vegetarian options as standard. The menu is adaptable for a wide-range of dietary requirements on request.

safe and secure

speedy greens offers a range of safety features, with anti-microbial touch screens and contactless payment as standard

get in touch

If you would like a speedy greens near you, please get in touch. All you need to provide is a power supply, a square meter and 4G internet connectivity; we do the rest.