Just a chickpea dip? Not so sure.

  • 14/12/2020
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picture of a tossed houmous bowl

Try our houmous bowls! A lot of people think of houmous just a dip but we think it is much more than this. This staple of Middle Eastern food is eaten as part of a mezze or as a main dish, or even just a snack!

At tossed, our motto is that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. Houmous is a good example to this statement! It’s rich in plant protein, has a low glycemic index and packed full of fibre. It’s great if you’re vegan, vegetarian (or neither).

Like 41% Britons, we do love houmous and wanted to pay our own tribute. Our Houmous Bowls are garnished with cucumber relish, pickled veggies, piri sauce, the protein of your choice and a flat bread on the side. It’s the perfect combination of healthy and delicious. Our Houmous Bowls are now available in our Central London stores and via Deliveroo. Just like all of our house items, they’re also customisable and made to order.

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We’re closed (but not for long)! 

Again?! We know, it’s frustrating but we want you to be safe and healthy. Closing the stores is the best way to do so!

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Love, tossed xx