Is your chicken halal?

All of our chicken across all of our site is halal, yes!

Do you source locally?

We do try wherever possible to source local sustainable produce. During the summer months, when it’s good and hot, we get our salad leaf just over the road in Kent.

Do we cater to vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free/dairy-free diets?

Is the grass green, sky blue and do bears poop wherever in the woods they want? The answer is yes.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer alternatives to cater to all dietary requirements.

Why don’t we take cash?

We decided to take the leap into the future and become completely cashless so that we could speed up lunchtimes for our lovely guests. Don’t worry, the robots aren’t taking over! We didn’t replace any jobs and actually opened up many more as we now have store hosts who greet guests and more food prep Tossers to keep up with the speedy service.

How can I become a Tosser?

Simply fill out the form on our Careers page and attach your CV

Do we recycle?

We do recycle where facilities exist through local councils. Our packaging is recyclable and some even biodegradable, however we know we aren’t perfect and we are trying to make our recycling processes better and easier for everyone, especially in store.

What is The Greenhouse?

The Greenhouse is a wonderful place located on Baker Street and is full of magical, sexy people who make up the Tossed Head Office.