beginners green juice

Posted on 24th March 2015 recipes

It can be a little bit daunting, I know, that first green juice. I have long been a fan of the smoothie, but I always favoured the kind smoothie that is more milkshake than juice. Lots of banana and cacao and nuts and all things creamy. Don’t get me wrong, I love green – I […]

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halloumi kebabs, black radish slaw and parsley pesto

Posted on 12th March 2015 recipes

Ingredients Black Radish  1 Black radish 1 carrot Half a red onion Juice of a half a lemon 25ml XV olive oil 20g white sesame seeds Salt & Pepper Halloumi Kebabs Pack of halloumi 1 courgette 8 small mushrooms Half a red onion Parsly Pesto 250 Flat leaf pesto t-spoon capers 1 garlic bulb 50g […]

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