flipping mad for flipbelt

Posted on 17th November 2015

As you know, at The Greenhouse we like to try things. Recipes, weird exercises, hell we’ll try our hand at anything once! This week we tried out the Flipbelt. ‘But what is a Flipbelt?’ Shh, shh, shh. Let us be your guide… The Flipbelt is pretty much the only item you need if you’re a […]

flipbelt header

we did anti-gravity yoga

Posted on 7th October 2015 fitness

You know by now that at Tossed we’re all about living the healthier lifestyle. However, being healthy and keeping fit can quickly get a bit blah and bore… We sought to combat this, thus we promptly took our butts off to Anti-Gravity Yoga! Yes, Anti. Gravity. Yoga. The name sounds a bit spacey but there […]

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