As you know, at The Greenhouse we like to try things. Recipes, weird exercises, hell we’ll try our hand at anything once! This week we tried out the Flipbelt.

‘But what is a Flipbelt?’ Shh, shh, shh. Let us be your guide…

The Flipbelt is pretty much the only item you need if you’re a runner (forget about running shoes, that goes without saying). Have you ever been running and had to deal with the jingle-jangle of your house keys? Or had to hold your phone in your hand like some kind of madman? Ever wanted to run to the shop, but decided against it because who the flip is running with their wallet in their hand? Flipbelt is the solution.



The lovely people at Flipbelt sent us some to try out, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t impressed. So off we went, Flipbelt on waist, and ran for a bit. We were actually surprised at how much nicer it made running. Holding your phone in your hand might not seem like much, but once you’ve tried running without it, you can actually feel the difference it makes. You feel like you’re putting more effort into your running session.

The neat little belt holds a surprising amount of stuff, too! Phones, iPods, change, keys, sport-based nutritional snacks. You name it, the Flipbelt holds it. We’d advise against keeping small animals in there, though…




10/10 would recommend. Fancy trying it for yourself? You can buy one here!