You know by now that at Tossed we’re all about living the healthier lifestyle. However, being healthy and keeping fit can quickly get a bit blah and bore… We sought to combat this, thus we promptly took our butts off to Anti-Gravity Yoga! Yes, Anti. Gravity. Yoga. The name sounds a bit spacey but there really isn’t anything that complicated to it; it’s just yoga… but you do it in the air, balancing on a big piece of silk that hangs from the ceiling, easy!


So off we went to the wonderful guys and gals at Virgin Active Mayfair and got ourselves set up for some serious suspended yoga. Safe to say we weren’t the most experienced of the group but the lovely (and patient) instructor Simon helped us maximise our poses.  Here we are doing a very complicated looking, but surprisingly easy, and extremely satisfying inversion pose:

Other poses we attempted were: The Vampire (very Hallowe’en appropriate), The Spiderman, The Gargoyle, The Mosquito, and the golden adapted oldies, Hanging Child’s Pose & Downward Dog.

Our expectations (while Googling Anti-Gravity Yoga): ‘Oh god! How are we going to do that? How is that possible? WHAT is THAT!?’

Our experience: Hands down the most fun and revitalising yoga we have ever experienced.

When we first entered the room and were met with a huge class and, feeling slightly daunted by the whole thing, got ourselves into a fit of nervous giggles. Then Simon arrived, turned the lights from bright white to a deep relaxing red, and instructed the regulars to ‘get into their wombs’ while he helped the newbies (us). It was unlike anything any of us had even seen before.
However, once we got into the swing of things (pun absolutely intended) it was incredible! We sat, we stretched, and we swung. The inversions were the definite highlight, visually impressive too. If you really want to show off to your friends just whip out your suspension harness and show them the old Spiderman.

We look so absolutely pro that you wouldn’t even know it was our first time… perhaps.

Would we recommend Anti-Gravity Yoga? Hell yeah, we would!

The mixture of meditation, core workout, and inverted stretches came together like tea & biscuits and the whole experience was nothing less than a cohesive delight. Try it out for yourself, and if you do make sure you let us know what you thought of it too!