There’s a lot of hype surrounding ClassPass, the latest fitness import from the US. So what is it all about? ClassPass is a fitness subscription service which offers you unlimited classes at your favourite London studios where you pay a monthly membership fee (between £59-£79, depending on how long you commit for). It’s the perfect solution for Londoners who love working out, like variety but hate commitment. Sounds a bit too good to be true? We’ve signed up and this is what we’ve found…

Breaking the routine: Classpass introduces you to numerous new studios that may have never been considered before. We know our bodies benefit from a variety when it comes to working out and ClassPass allows you to do just that. Whether it’s spinning, TRX, kettlebells, pilates, yoga, bootcamps…the options are all there and unlimited classes mean you can go to as many as you want every day! If you want to feel the burn head to Transition Zone for an intense 30min exhilarating and goal-driven TRX workout. Using suspension straps and your own body weight, this is ideal for building strength, stamina, flexibility and a rock hard core.

transition zone Location, location, location: Not many people live next door to their office (which is no bad thing) and with access to studios across London there’s no longer the dilemma of choosing a gym close to home or the office.

Value for money: With many studios charging £20 per class you soon make your money work for you if you if you attend classes frequently. This makes places like the exclusive (and amazing) Lomax Bespoke Fitness accessible. We tried their signature Blast Class. The exercise was energetic and fast-paced, combining body weight training circuits with high intensity cardio intervals. Each participant was given personal attention and correction of posture . For anyone looking for quick results (you will feel it the next day) this is where you should head.


As with most things we do advise reading the small print and have take a look at their comprehensive list of FAQ’s  before signing up. Here’s a few shortfalls we’ve come across:

Your favourite studio: can only be visited 3 times a month and this applies for studios with multiple locations. This becomes an issue when you find somewhere you really like!

Early birds’ benefit: class get full quickly so you have to be on the ball if you want to sign up. Booking opens a week in-advance and it’s first come, first serve. Also, some studios limit the classes they offer.

Commitment: you’ve got a 12hr window to cancel a class you’ve booked before it starts, otherwise you get charged £12. This is something we actually quite like, a real incentive to stick to your plans!

The verdict? We are big fans and the ClassPass app enables you to search for all available classes nearby which can be booked on the go.