Most fruits or vegetables that have the word “black” in their name aren’t really black at all. Just a very dark shade of their normal colour. Think about it, blackberries are a dark red, black cabbage is dark green, in fact the blackest vegetable we could think of was the aubergine, which isn’t black at all, it’s dark purple.

And then we met The Black Radish. Sourced from a Turkish green grocer in North London (you really do have to hunt them down) this is the darkest nightshade and is truly black.

Bang in season this time of year the black radish was once a popular veggie in the UK before marginalised by its younger, slimmer and prettier cousin; the salad radish. If you can get your hands on a few these little gems are a real treat. Due to their love of winter frosts, they are bigger and far stronger in flavour than you may expect a member of the radish could provide.

Black radishes work well in stir fries, soups, stews and salads. They have a crisp firm texture and the inside flesh is creamy white in colour. The black skin is not edible and needs peeling and they benefit from a gentle cook or can simply be marinated in lemon juice or vinegar.

black-radishes 2