Black Radish 

1 Black radish

1 carrot

Half a red onion

Juice of a half a lemon

25ml XV olive oil

20g white sesame seeds

Salt & Pepper

Halloumi Kebabs

Pack of halloumi

1 courgette

8 small mushrooms

Half a red onion

Parsly Pesto

250 Flat leaf pesto

t-spoon capers

1 garlic bulb

50g cashewsblog post


Thinly slice the black radish and toss with the lemon juice

Cut halloumi into 12 pieces (3 per kebab) courgette into 8 pieces (2 per kebab) and  onion (use the biggest bits from the outside into 24 pieces (6 per kebab)

Gently fry  halloumi pieces, courgette rings and whole mushrooms until brown and cooked through

Meanwhile slice your carrot and remainder of onion very finely and mix with the black radish. Add the olive oil, sesame seeds and season to now

Blend together your garlic, caper and nuts with lemon juice to a paste. Add the washed parsley and olive oil and pulse down to a chunky texture.
blog post 3Once cooked and cool enough to handle thread through the halloumi & veggies onto skewers.

Finish the kebabs under the grill (or on the BBQ) to warm through before serving with the slaw, some toasted pittas and the pesto.

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