A new year is all about letting go of what doesn’t serve you. And for me it’s time to leave that unwanted lady junk in 2014 where it belongs.

So for January these golden rules are going to get me there;

  • Sugar free: If it’s not naturally occurring sugar i.e. fruit, it’s off the cards.
  • Lunges: one of the nest methods for hitting the butt without needing to use too much weight. Done correctly these target muscles will be getting some love: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes. Repeat x20, then switch legs.
  • Donkey Kicks: Start on all fours, hands shoulder-width and knees hip-width apart. Keeping your right foot flexed and leg bent, raise your right leg and press your heel toward the ceiling until your foot is directly above your butt. Squeeze your glutes and slowly return to starting position but keep your knee off the ground. Repeat x20, then switch legs.


So let’s see how it goes. And if all fails Kim K is planning to launch a fitness app that will help tone up and shed those extra pounds gained over Christmas. But I’m aiming for sculpting, not breaking the internet so let’s see how I get on first…


P.S. these pics are #inspiration